Computerized Color Matching in Findlay, Ohio
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Trust Our Technology to Find the Perfect Color Match

Brad’s Body Shop uses computerized color matching in Findlay, Ohio. If you have scratches, dents, marks, or residual paint from an accident, we can help. We trust our computerized color matching system at Brad’s Body Shop to get your paint job perfect.

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Customize a Car the Way You Want or Need in Findlay, Ohio, and Beyond

Brad’s Body Shop is the best body shop Findlay, Ohio, and surrounding areas, has at its fingertips. We mix our paint in the shop and use computerized color matching to ensure that your car blends perfectly. How does it work? The computerized color matching system measures the reflectivity of your paint color. After running that color through the system, it calculates a blending ratio, so we know exactly what to mix. The computer is registered with nearly every color you can imagine. There is very little chance that it will fail to find yours. We are proud to serve residents in and around Findlay, Ohio. If you live in Findlay, Ohio, and beyond and are in the market for a new paint job, call us.

Our Team Can Create the Car Color of Your Dreams

Once we have your color, our technicians mix it, and make your car the gorgeous machine it deserves to be. We work with your insurance in collision issues, but we can also do paint jobs just to freshen things up. We can do complete paint jobs or simply match the paint you have now; the choice is yours. From the brightest white to the darkest black, your car will shine bright. We can make your vehicle look like the day it came off the lot in no time. You will have people asking where you got the new ride, but that can be your little secret.

Brad’s Body Shop uses computerized color matching in Findlay, Ohio.